How to characterise and identify your substance

For most REACH, CLP and biocides processes, you need to include the following information in your dossier to clearly identify the substance:

  • Substance name and associated identifiers. This could be, for example, the IUPAC name, EINECS or ELINCS or CAS number.
  • Molecular and structural formulae, if applicable.
  • Information on the composition and purity of the substance.
  • Spectral data and other analytical information to verify the identity and composition of the substance.

Specific requirements relating to mono-constituent substances, multi-constituent substances and UVCB substances are described in the Guidance for identification and naming of substances under REACH and CLP.

ECHA needs to conclude that the identity you have given to your substance is correct. To do this, appropriate quality spectra and chromatograms as well as other analytical information need to be included in the dossier. It is important that the spectra, chromatograms and other analytical information are fully evaluated and their interpretation is presented in the dossier.


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