Presentation of ECHA IT tool, 02 November 2021

On November 2nd, the time had finally come. After months of preparation and many preliminary discussions, Dr. Uwe König and I had the opportunity to present the hapoc IT tool at ECHA. In Corona times the event took place virtually again. Besides staff members of the different committees, ECHA had also invited representatives of other authorization consortia.

After a short introduction to the topic, which I was allowed to present myself, Dr. Uwe König had the opportunity to show the possibilities of the platform in detail in a 10-minute video. How do I create an account? How can data be entered and uploaded? How does my data compare historically or with other companies? The video left hardly any questions unanswered.

The highlight was the "automatic generation" of the ECHA Excel table for the current data query from the system. A task that many companies that have notified for authorizations are currently facing.

A number of questions were asked regarding the determination of data, verification and communication with users. The unanimous tenor was that a comparable system does not currently exist for chromium trioxide or other substances and that it would make the work easier for everyone involved.

There was also agreement that the system-to-system data transfer announced by ECHA would be helpful. This system will create a kind of interface between the systems so that the data transfer is legally secure and automated. The use of aids such as Excel tables and the processing of several systems in parallel
will thus become obsolete. Nowadays this is called "smart".

Our IT tool is therefore a smart aid for processing my REACh obligations at any time and keeping an eye on them. The risk in my company is reduced at the same time. In addition, the supervisory authorities, ECHA and the authorisation holder also get the much talked about transparency about the real risk situation behind an authorisation application in a smart and simple way. We know that in the vast majority of cases this is much better than the fears of some RAC staff.

Transparency means good feelings among companies and committees.
And transparency means longer review periods in the future.

The hapoc IT tool should be online by the end of the year. I'm excited to see what else develops from this. The presentation at ECHA was an important milestone; more to come.

Best regards to all Vecco members

Matthias Enseling
Vecco Board