ECHA webinar Cr(III) assessment open for registration

Dear members,

registration for the ECHA webinar is now open. If you are interested, please register as soon as possible as the number of participants is limited.

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Objective of the webinar:

In a large number of applications Cr(III) technology is named as the currently promising replacement technology. However, the named information shows at the same time that this technology is on the one hand much more complex than the Cr(VI) technology and on the other hand a multitude of process chemicals is necessary for a safe production process.

There is a presumption that due to the large number of chemicals, safe handling and risk reduction will not occur to the expected extent.
To this end, ECHA will hold a webinar on October 10. The program is currently being developed.
We have been asked if we can contribute experience on the use of the necessary chemicals. At this time, we have only limited knowledge of the experiences of the affected plants.
Since we have information from several VECCO plants that they are already using the Cr(III), perhaps we as VECCO could fill that gap somewhat.

If you are able to describe the treatment of the process chemicals quantitatively and in all details, i.e. from delivery to disposal, we would be pleased if you could make this available to us.