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Our responsibility

Our members are medium-sized electroplaters and manufacturers with in-house electroplating facilities, including German, Austrian, French and Polish companies.

They work with chromium trioxide on behalf of their customers, as this is a proven means of protecting metals and plastics from corrosion and abrasion and has many other positive properties, including the fact that the precipitated material is pure metal and non-toxic.
A primary concern of such companies is to protect their employees and the environment from the toxic properties of chromium trioxide when processing the materials so that they can continue to produce sustainably in the future.

Wherever possible, many companies have used alternative coating processes, but, in some cases, continue to use chromium trioxide in the electroplating process at the same time.

Since 21 September 2017, the REACh Regulation has required authorisation for the use of chromium trioxide in surface coatings, which we have submitted on time on behalf of our members along with the Hapoc application. A decision is still pending.

Last revised: March 2021

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