Mutual understanding

is a kick start for a successful future

Why become a member?


1.Representative of the electroplating companies in the REACh

VECCO e.V. is the voice of medium-sized electroplating contract and in-house companies on the subject of REACh.


2.Communication platform

Regardless of communication on the Internet, there is still no substitute for face-to-face interaction. We support technological progress through meetings, information and seminars, giving you a chance to meet market peers and discuss points of mutual interest or viewpoints.


3.Information source

VECCO is a member of several working groups in Germany and the EU where standards and practices are developed. We can advise you on recent or upcoming regulations and support you in meeting these demands.


4.Qualification and standards

With constant changes in workplace requirements, you can be sure that we will keep you up to date and support you in meeting these demands.



We inform you on our internal (members only) website about all regulations and publications of statistics relevant to the industry.


6.Customer confidence

Membership in VECCO e.V. gives customers the confidence that the members of the association act in accordance with the legal requirements. In doing so, they are guided by the "best practice" of the electroplating industry.


7.The association includes

While you are busy running your business, we support you with information about legal regulations and important issues that affect your business.
Our job is to create connections to authorities and organizations, to give legislative bodies information from practice for theory and to use these connections to save our businesses from unnecessary regulations.


8.Active for our members

The many activities we carry out for our members and in the service of the industry reflect the vitality and commitment of the association.
We support you at all times and are "THE" partner you can rely on 100%.